The Butter Chicken Theory
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“What you’ve already done would only fetch you what you’ve already fetched.”

-Pradeep Hathiramani


I grew up with learnings of my father. I started my journey from the point where my father had already crossed half the length. But I dare not say that I was the only one. We all did it. Something extremely universal. Relaying the journey of your forefathers. Not necessarily in the same direction all the time. But every direction you take says only one thing, ‘Keep moving forward till you finally have to go right.’ Hence, comes the turn to address the gigantic elephant, with a question mark on its trunk, in the room.




Why head towards the jungle when the urban life in the bungalow is lavish? Why go on to the untapped genres when our name in wedding business is already studded with stars? Pardon me, if for I might somehow fails to bedazzle you but the answer the question is pretty simple.




Allow me to elaborate. We all love Butter Chicken, I surely do have a soft spot for it. Give me Butter Chicken once and you’re already in my good books. Give me Butter Chicken twice, you’ll be on the list of favourite people. But, as you serve is third time, things will take a different turn. Now think of your work as Butter Chicken served 4 times a day, 120 times a month, 1460 times a year! Get the picture?


I started as a Poker photographer. I owe a great share of my eye for detail to that phase of my life. However, the journey from poker chips to wedding rings was something I never had on my storyboard. But there is this thing, that just doesn’t ever get along with the fact that you have plans. A thing called Life. And so it happened!


Capturing weddings was something of an other worldly charm altogether. The brides with their nervous smiles, the madly in love grooms, the parents who finally gave in to love, it was a rollercoaster with ups and downs (not to forget the loops). The spectrum of emotions we witnessed were an affair in itself. It was this passion to have all these emotions that gave Recall its unique edge, a cordial quirk.


To us no event that we ever had chance to cover, carried a singular emotion. Weddings were never just about crying, travelling wasn’t just about serenity, music videos weren’t just about fancy montage – which brings me back to the part of us launching ‘Recall v 2.0’. Another chance for us to rewrite our ways of storytelling; the core reason behind the birth of Recall. The infinite genres is just another excuse for us to climb the Mount.


Recall v 2.0 isn’t just about rebranding or restructuring or redefining or any other ‘re-‘ you could think of. We aren’t ‘redo-ing’ anything, Recall v 2.0 is much more than that. It is an emotional transition. Emotions that we shall discover, perceive, transform and bring to you with the same ease as a river flows.


The best part about ‘new’ is the absence of ‘k’. You can never say ‘I knew’. If you do, there is nothing new about. Which leads me to another question that slide into the picture. What is so new about us?


“Are we expanding numbers?”




“Are we expanding in genres?”




“Are we expanding in clienteles?”




“Then why is it a change and not an expansion?”


“Because we are in a new skin.”


Skins not just in terms of themes and colour grading. No. We are talking about emotional skin that is more mature, conveys deeper emotions and surrounds you with surrealism. Recall is ready for a larger canvas. Version 2.0 would be set to etch details of the tiniest freckle that make each smiling person beautiful. New campaigns await. New sections await. New tags await. The new we have embodied. But still not cheesy, we don’t do cheesy.


Recall has been like a baby to me and my baby is growing. His voice is getting heavier. His thoughts even more so. I see a bright future for him. And all of you are a part of it.


So, get on board!

Time to start life post weddings!




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