Raonak Hathiramani
Raonak is that one professor in college who will teach you lessons hands on till you’re absolutely perfect at it (mind you; absolutely perfect). But, let things pack up and he’d be the one you’d want to party hardest with. He is someone who will always inspire you – to travel, to film, to write, to be crazy every once in a while, to constantly experience new things, to create magic and always be a better you at every step. Raonak gives Recall Pictures it’s dreamy, adrenaline charged, charmed soul. Also, just a passing reference, bow ties and sunglasses are our director’s personal favorites.
Mithil Kotwal
For a man with such love for travelling we are surprised to see how Mithil has stayed on-board with us for such long time. His love for the God however, does effortlessly overshadow his wanderlust. None from 33 crore but one with no namesake; Sachin Tendulkar. One person who’d know Sachin as good as Sachin, is Mithil Kotwal. And then the Cricket fandom goes without saying. Part time financial advisor and full time witty, Mithil possesses the divine quality of reviewing company’s budget and leaving your debate on national socio-politics summed with a one liner, a beer…old monk…large.
Aman Hathiramani
Former Marketing Intern
Aman Hathiramani has the kind of gentle sweetness that your Grandma would approve.But give him a camera, a backpack and a football, and his smile lights up the room. He says that to excel, you must do what you love. (Thank you Aman for not leaving us for Chelsea FC!)
Akshay Mirchandani
Business Development Executive
Akshay Mirchandani is the face that you’d always expect to have 1k followers, 100 likes per post and Instagram pictures that you can’t stop scrolling on. He likes cars, is a football geek; Barcelona, has his crunches alright and above all when he sees a cute cat video he makes it his moral duty to spread happiness forward. A fine young man indeed. Now taking all that in consideration. We found a job perfectly handcrafted for him, Business Development.
Atish Kumar
Fun Fact: The classic of ‘climbing stairs to success’ was based on the true story of Atish Kumar Dubey. Joined us, as a camera attendant then became an assistant followed by 2nd camera operator, stepping up to 1st camera operator and today standing as Director Of Photography with Recall. Consistency and Diligence oozes from this one guy (so does love for Schezwan Noodles). Presuming him as Dhanush is another mistake that his female fans make. Par kuch bhi ho, Atish “Best hai!”
Khozema Udaipurwala
Renamed to Khozi on popular demand. Loaded with wilderness and crazy pranks, you might for once wonder what is Khozi taking. But make no mistake, this chap has his veins clear as Nile. Khozi proves what being high of life actually stands for. But, beware! Khozema is a man who’s mastered the art of convincing pranking. Meet Khozi once and you’ll know where the quirky edits, we do come from.
Rahul Parmar
If you ever walk into Recall editing room, you’d find Rahul quietly sitting at corner desk with his headphones on and eyes scratching out the perfect cut. Silent work. Easy mistake, my friend. Honestly speaking, Rahul is a Ferrero Rocher on two feet, topped with chocolatey sweetness but surprises you a little more every time you see him. We have had him on editing table for a year or more and his straight faced nuttiness still leaves us in awe.
Vidhi Maheshwari
The moment you walk into the room and Vidhi lays an eye on you, trust us, she’d have you picture perfectly ready in her head. Her subject preference, much to general aberrations, is to keep it raw and natural. Vidhi’s photographs speak of her undying love for texture and human features. She knows emotions. More importantly, she know how to capture them. Quick update: Due to the abundance of beauty in her pictures, the search for magic dust in Vidhi Maheshwari’s camera still continues…
Nikhil Mehra
Well Wisher
Though Nikhil, under his humility, calls himself to be merely ‘Recall’s Cheerleader’, but we see him to be way beyond that. You might rarely find an organisation acknowledging it’s ‘well-wishers’ but here is the deal, people who in times of lows teach you to smile wide are the ones you hold on to latest. Nikhil acted as ‘The finance’ guy to ‘Let’s get the party started’ guy. We might have be technically sound but the credit for weaving Recall’s moral fibre goes to Nikhil Mehra.
Malvika Sharma
Recall’s little dynamite must never be underestimated. It’s needless to say that she’s a combination of words, words and.. words but there’s something else you should know.  Malvika’s curiosity is unbeatable, leading to an imagination that is never short of “amusing”. When Malvika is around she has a thing or two to say about everything. She is one of life’s most interesting experiences. It would be dangerous to call the work of a writer a true masterpiece but this girl takes it away!
Tahir Ratlamwala
Right as the name goes, Tahir carries around the humble aura and a smile that would just set everything straight. He grips tightly to his innocence of a child and wisdom of a Sensei, which further shows in his patience to listen your rookie suggestions for his edits. Regardless of how bad your math is, Tahir is one man you can never forget to count upon. However, as calm as Tahir is on his feet, give him a bike a you’d learn to embrace the beauty of standing straight on the land. Tahir believes in sharing. Except Tandoori Chicken.
Aniruddha Aggarwal
Production Intern
Do you remember the kid your parents used to set examples of? The one friend with a cheek to cheek smile and the giddiness in his voice when he’d say “Hello Aunty”? Wrap that kid in a time capsule and you’d have Aniruddha. Multi-tasking. Always under sight when you need him. Never denoting you with anything other than “Aap”. Further proof; He carries his own lunchbox.
Pradeep Hathiramani
Financial Consultant
Amidst all the hype and quirkiness that lingers at Recall headquarters, Pradeep Hathiramani brings the stability and composition to the table and our accounts. Father to the director and a father figure to the company, Mr. Hathiramani Sr. is the spine that holds the company upright and ready to blast off into ‘infinity and beyond’. However, underneath all the calmness lies a ‘Chill Quotient’ undisturbed. His brilliance in mathematics and accounts seldom tempts us to bring out our textbooks and revise our high school.
Samaneh Jawad
*Drum Rolls* Ladies and Gentlemen, today’s challenge on the floor is to be a model for Samaneh Jawad. The moment you position in front of her lens we dare you to look anywhere else but at the her. Her smile, quirkiness and personality sometimes leave the spectators wondering why would she choose to stay behind the camera? They say beauty lies in eyes of the beholder, in Samaneh’s case the beauty beheld in her eyes brimmed little too much.
Rimi Sen
If you need to learn the art of celebrating life, all you need is a little bit of Rimi around. Rimi, though is a part of RAW Silk program as a Photographer, is a great joy to have as a part of the recall family. Share a luncheon or a dance floor, you’d love her in every single way. Her favourite pastime you ask? Meeting people, exploring emotions and painting them down into her photographs. DO check her work out here.
Mehak Mehra
Simply put, Mehek is a task master. You assign her a mission on board or something way down your calendar and that’s it. You don’t even need to follow up, because you know she’ll return just to strike the work off the list. She  gets things done her way, which, to her, is the “correct” way. Her extreme sense of motivation make you feel the existence of ‘Chicken soup’ series a waste of time. “Don’t be fooled by the smile, she won’t waste a minute to rip you a new one if you’re in her crosshairs.”  says Nikhil Mehra with utmost brotherly affection.
Naila Hayath
Public Relations Executive
What would you call to be the most efficient form of communication? Words? Gestures? Art? Naila Hayath is a woman who narrates from her eyes. A woman who prices her words and uses them in the right place in the right amount. But things might get a little out of hand when Naila smiles. When Naila says the sky is green, we bet you ever see it blue. Now knowing all of that, I feel there is seldom need to explain why we have her as our Public Relations Executive.  
Ruchi Thukral
Public Relations Executive
A former intern to Recall and forever fan, Ruchi Thukral loves to write. Which, needless to say, comes along with her love for coffee. Serious love! Don’t listen to us, take a look at her Instagram yourself. She’s waiting to marry a Raj or Rahul (preferably be a Hogwarts graduate) and have the biggest Bollywood theme wedding. A living ball of generosity and so sweet that she can single handedly put Hershey’s out of business.
Sahana Vasudevan
Sahana is, what Sahana does. Your first step in a room and Sahana would be the first one to greet you with wide grin. The world is an inspiration to her. Credits to her belief in reincarnation, you’d never feel that you’ve met her for the first time. With the sort of social skills she holds, we sometimes think of reconsidering her role with us as an Editor, but see her work and you are back to square one.
Ajay Ghorpade
When people sat trying to find a way to make it big in the corporate world, Ajay sat in his luxurious Dubai office unsatisfied. Result? Handing resignation to the stable corporate life and accepting designation as a Photographer. Having stepped upon farthest of lands, Ajay know the value of not leaving out anyone out of his frame.
Gaurav Hingne
Not sure if calling Gaurav a nature lover would be apt but if there one thing that he prefers in its most natural form, that would the light in  his photographs (Check here).  “Natural light brings out the natural bridal beauty.” he’d say. It can be considered as a result of this love that you’d never find Gaurav having his models posing. He is one of those who’d silently capture your smile when it actually comes from the heart. Having changed his look twice in past two years, we can barely wait for his next annual makeover. But one thing’s for sure. It will be natural.
Raj Rj
Darshan Bhanushali
Darshan is when everything sweet meets everything professional. Hence, takes place the birth of everything artsy in Darshan’s photographs. He is all about quality over the quantity. He loves when his work speaks more than his words but you’d still put all on auction to hear him talk in his calm clean Hindi enunciation. Work, joke or even contemplate, he is a one partner in crime who’d approve all of your shades and sometimes even highlight them even more too (subtle reference to Darshan’s foodie nature)…and he loves Ironman; no fancy words since nothing can make it anymore awesome.
Nikhil Shastri
Nikhil in his own words, we quote, is “a sucker for emotions” and his lens leave no room to let his photographs speak otherwise. His pictures are our forever stop spot for the “hidden smiles, glint in the eyes, that lone tear”. His understanding of love and importance of companionship also reflects in inseparable relationship with his Nikon. Sidenote; if you ever lose sight of Nikhil Shastri, you can always find him sipping coffee with a stray dog, that is fascinated by his Liverpool wristband.  😉
Naman Verma
“The journey is never about a shot but the unsaid stories within the shooting experience.The quest within is of something which is ‘epiphanic’.

As an artist whose medium of bringing the art to the world is an intent of compartmentalising the moments, I am all about things which are not seen by the naked eye but a soul which feels what cannot be said through any other medium.

The world is material but I am still looking for a metaphor in it. Anything which can allow me the space to create what is not felt is the domain I am looking for.

People. Photographs. Perfection.

~Naman Verma

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