A Kashmiri Tale
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They say, “Marriages are made in heaven.” but seldom do they talk about the possibility of a marriage taking you on a heavenly tour. (Date) was one of such experience. When we had been bestowed with once in a lifetime affair of covering a Kashmiri wedding.


The pictures of the wedding couldn’t be shared due to certain restrains but not giving you an insight to our transcendence would be doubting the magnificence of Kashmir itself. So here it is…



As the mist lifted from our brow and gave way to a breathtaking canvas of picturesque mountain peaks, endless valleys and vibrant flowerbeds, there was no doubt that we were indeed at, ‘The Paradise on Earth’.

In Srinagar, languid poetry drips from every tongue and beauty arrests every eye. With a surreal atmosphere like this, falling in love is not a decision but a way of life. Maybe that’s why, the Kashmiris don’t just celebrate love, they personify it.


Despite being a simple affair, Kashmiri weddings have a lustrous charm that’s as unique as the humble warmth of its people.


Which might be why, the Kashmiri wedding ceremony lays such emphasis on its people and ensures that every rite brings the two families together and bridges the river of two shores seamlessly.


The magnanimity of Kashmir also left us in realisation of how restrictive our aperture were to nature’s quintessential photograph to which, the only thing holier than the Quran, is love.

Love for anyone who wishes to witness its selene grandeur.

And no wonder that soon after you’ve tasted the Kashmiri air, this love transpires into your veins. You learn to give out a hand.

It teaches you that is take courage to be able to take a leap of faith.

And even more courage to accept the fall.

In short, Kashmir stands as lessons of life sprinkled in 200 thousand kms. It is a patient teacher, smiling ready to answer your same questions for eternity.

But at the same time lets you take time to explore life yourself.

Allows you to take a shot at life.


Often comes an occasion where emotions find themselves as conflicted than the moment when your exuberance to explore is leashed onto the fingers of time and so as all good things, our day came to an end. However, the essence of scenic serenity still decides to linger within.


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